Automated Diet and Activity Monitoring for Intelligent Lifestyle Optimization

Maged N. Kamel Boulos

User compliance and adherence with current diet and exercise management apps is generally poor, as these apps require an extensive deal of thorough manual inputting, logging and (often inaccurate/incomplete) estimation of daily food and drink intake and physical activity/exercise types/duration undertaken by users. In ADAMILO, we are proposing a one-stop, comprehensive P4 (predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory [person-centred]) solution, integrating novel, almost fully automated (but still very reliable and accurate) monitoring and logging of:

Calorie composition and intake (ingested foods and drinks, triangulating NIR spectroscopy and other methods), and Calorie expenditure (physical activity/exercise segmentation, calibrated by indirect calorimetry, the gold standard in energy expenditure estimation), with intelligent, cloud-based decision support (DSS) for lifestyle (diet and exercise) optimisation, that can be used by a layperson on his/her own and is tailored per individual needs, age, comorbidity, etc.

The DSS acts on real-time user data, covering lifestyle, diet, activity, body weight, blood pressure, self-efficacy, and other parameters. The DSS will use the best existing, validated, computer/digital clinical cardio-metabolic predictive risks models and algorithms and will continuously update the user's risk levels based on the person's real-time data and any preventive active lifestyle modification actions s/he is undertaking based on ADAMILO's tailored recommendations. ADAMILO's recommendations will be flexible and user-negotiable (using clinically-validated methods such as the Dynamic Diet software algorithms), thus further enhancing user's compliance and adherence. Extensive use will be made of captology and gamification techniques, including the use of social networked games/exergames and of an optional novel sociable, mini-robot coach interface to ensure adherence and sustainable positive lifestyle changes without relapse.

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mHealth, obesity, overweight, lifestyle, diet

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