Efficiency of direct-to-patient telemedicine consultations: status praesens DOI: 10.29188/2542-2413-2018-4-3-64-70

Research and Practical Clinical Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies, Department of Health Care of Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation

There is an analytical review of information on medical and management efficiency of direct-to-patient telemedicine consultations. The main metrics of quality are antibiotic prescribing rate, rate of follow-up consultation, timing, adherence of doctors to evidencebased clinical recommendations, some metrics from HEDIS methodology. The most often reasons for patient-initiated virtual visits are upper respiratory tract infections, skin diseases, urinary tract symptoms, also for children – fever, gastrointestinal issues. Virtual and office visits for an upper respiratory tract infections diagnostics and treatment are identical (based on diagnostic accuracy, character and effectiveness of prescriptions, needs for follow-up consultations). Evidence base for an efficiency and safety of direct-to-patient telemedicine consultations are still weak.

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direct-to-patient telemedicine, quality, telemedicine consultation, upper respiratory tract infections, antibiotics

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