Number №2, 2021 - page 18-22

Legal framework for artificial intelligence technologies in telemedicine DOI: 10.29188/2712-9217-2021-7-2-18-22

For citation: Varjushin М.S. Legal framework for artificial intelligence technologies in telemedicine. Russian Journal of Telemedicine and E-Health 2021;7(2):18-22;

Varjushin M.S. – Private law practice; Moscow, Russia;


Regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in healthcare are rapidly developing. Currently, medical organizations faced with the use of AI in conditions of insufficient legislation. There is an analysis of the AI’s legal aspects in the frame of distant interaction of doctors each other and with patients via telemedicine. Special recommendations for introducing and applying AI technologies in different modes given for medical organizations managers. The issue of civil liability for harm caused during the provision of medical care using AI technologies analyzed in detail.

Conflict of interest: The author declare no conflict of interest.

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artificial intelligence; legislation law; responsibility; doctor