Obstetrics telemonitoring in Sverdlovsk Region – an innovative tool for maternal and perinatal lethality. New possibilities of a distant care

N.O. Ankudinov, S.G. Ababkov, N.A. Silber, A.V. Zhilin, A.V. Kulikov

A cluster approach is one of the basic principles of health care informatisation according to State Program “Development of Health Care in Russian Federation till 2020 year”. Continuous monitoring in pregnancy is a special sub-system of mentioned above cluster.

Obstetrics telemonitoring allows to create information network between medical institutions in region, to divide women at risk groups, to define routing for each patient, also as to develop legislation for telecare. The quality of medical care had been improved due to clinical standards and telemedicine implementation. Besides, a telecommunications in health care gives an unique opportunity for an urgent situations’ management. Continuous telemonitoring in pregnancy is allows to decrease maternal death at region. 

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continuous monitoring in pregnancy, maternal death, emergency cases management, telecare

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