Number №3, 2021 - page 32-41

Rating of artificial intelligence startups: prospects for healthcare in Russia DOI: 10.29188/2712-9217-2021-7-3-32-41

For citation: Komar P.A., Dmitriev V.S., Ledyaeva A.M., Shaderkin I.A., Zelensky M.M. Rating of artificial intelligence startups: prospects for healthcare in Russia. Russian Journal of Telemedicine and E-Health 2021;7(3)32-41;

Komar P.A. – Doctor of Volgograd State Medical University; Volgograd, Russia; medical expert of the digital health portal; Moscow, Russia
Dmitriev V.S. – Development Director of DaksmeD Group of Companies, Production Director of NPK EviPro LLC; Novosibirsk, Russia; Head of Analytical Group, Digital Healthcare Portal; Moscow, Russia
Ledyaeva A.M. – PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Normal Physiology, Volgograd State Medical University; Volgograd, Russia
Shaderkin I.A. – PhD, Head of the Laboratory of Electronic Health, Institute of Digital Medicine, Sechenov University; Moscow, Russia;
Zelensky M.M. – Co-founder and editor-in-chief of the digital healthcare portal; Moscow, Russia;


Summary: Nowadays the work of the healthcare system tends to be based on the care about patient and one of the main goals is to reduce the cost of the service price. One of the steps to reach this goal is to adapt the work of the entire system to the current realities. In all market segments any optimization is based primarily on competent management. If it is necessary to neutralize economic losses, the solution is to work with big data using the machine learning, as well as in healthcare. The market of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare includes predictive analytics, image analysis and digital diagnostics. AI in the healthcare contributes to the optimization of the work of all medicine, from the assessment of laboratory parameters to the analysis of the workload of medical institutions.

The top 10 of AI companies includes those from all segments of the market in the healthcare. At the same time, the first place is taken by the Webiomed project, which represents the predictive analytics sector. The second and third places are taken by companies offering products in the field of image analysis – Botkin.AI and Celsus, respectively. It should be noted that, according to the special developed criteria, representatives of the digital diagnostics segment are only at the 8th and 9th places. Based on the current data it becomes clear that nowadays the most promising companies representing the AI segments in healthcare are predictive analytics. At the same time, taking into account the analytical forecasts of the market size, there is a prospect for the predictive analysis segment, compared to the digital diagnostics image analysis segments.

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telemedicine; teleobstetrics; telegynecology; digital technologies; teleconsultations

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