Treatment and Rehabilitation of Drug Addictive Patients through Telemedicine in Pakistan M.A.Qadir, N.Mazhar

M.A.Qadir, N.Mazhar

The Department of Psychiatric and Behavioural Sciences King Edwards Medical University and Mayo Hospital Lahore are providing their expertise to the department of telemedicine Mayo hospital since 2009. Hundreds of psychological disordered patients were successfully treated through the system from 7 districts of Punjab. Drug abuse is a major and continuously growing problem of Pakistan which is affecting every social and economic group. Punjab, the most populous province of Pakistan is most affected by this menace. Causes behind increase in use of different types of drugs in the last 10 years are, abundant availability of numerous types of drugs for cheap prices, lawlessness, deteriorating social norms, spread of drugs for money so that it can be used for extremism and terrorism and ill religious practices in which use of drugs is encouraged at shrines. A comprehensive program was launched for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addictive patients from Rajanpur, Attock, Gujrat, Jhang, Khushab, D.G. Khan and Sahiwal. Data was gathered and analysed for the causes, effects, types of drugs used, socioeconomic condition of users and its impact on their families were studied. More than 300 drug abused patients were treated and rehabilitated in the above mentioned districts of Punjab. More over online educational programs were initiated through the system which helped in acceptance of drug abuse patients by society after treatment and increased awareness against use and spread of this curse in their vicinity.

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telemedicine, telepsychiatry, drug abuse, treatment, rehabilitation

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