Online technologies in rehabilitation of patients with neurogenic bladder DOI: 10.29188/2542-2413-2019-5-1-25-30

E.S. Filippova1,2, I.V. Bazhenov1,2, A.V. Zyryanov1,2, V.N. Zhuravlev1, I.V. Borzunov1

  • 1 FSBEI HE «Ural State Medical University» of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Ekaterinburg
  • 2 GBUZ SB «Sverdlovsk Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1», Ekaterinburg

Rehabilitation is one of the leading components of work with patients with neurogenic bladder. Using technical means of rehabilitation can significantly improve the quality of life of patients and avoid complications, however, the recommended methods are often not used due to the lack of information about them from doctors and patients. The Internet resource “League of Neurogenic Bladder”, created by the Department of Urology of the Ural State Medical University, contains popular scientific data on the problems of neurogenic disorders of urination and is designed to fill the information vacuum associated with the low availability of professional neurouropathic care. Over the two years of operation, the site’s audience was 49,000 people, including 34,500 unique users. Having visited the site for the first time, 28% of people returned to it later: 15% - 2-3 times, 5% - 4-7 times, 3% - 8-15 times, 2% - 15-30 times. On average, about 60 active users per day and 1,500 per month were recorded. The geography of the resource covers many countries, but the majority of visitors live in large cities of the Russian Federation. The average total score of the Neurogenic Bladder Scale (NBSS) among site visitors filling out an online questionnaire was 32.81 ± 15.6, which indicates that the site users have neurogenic urination disorders. The visitors showed the greatest interest in the sections devoted to rehabilitation, in particular, periodic catheterization of the bladder.

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neurourological care, remote patient consultation, online resources for patients, remote monitoring