Number №2, 2022 - page 50-58

Innovative development of clever plasters in Kyrgyzstan DOI: 10.29188/2712-9217-2022-8-2-50-58

For citation: Vorobev A.E., Raimbekova D.M. Innovative development of clever plasters in Kyrgyzstan. Russian Journal of Telemedicine and E-Health 2022;8(2)50-58;
  • Vorobеv A.E. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Grozny State Oil Technical University; Grozny, Chechen Republic; Russia;
  • Raimbekova D.M. – postgraduate student, K.Sh. Toktomamatova International University, Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan

Idea of clever plasters is opened. It is shown that the flexible electric plaster providing stimulation of a human body in the right place with electric field was the first electronic plaster. The concept of a clever plaster which represents the smart wearable electronic innovative device directed to the most contactless measurement of various characteristics and parameters of an organism of the patient for the purpose of improvement of his initial health is given. Modern clever plasters not only are the physical barrier to small wounds and bruises having the antibacterial and warming-up properties but also are capable to carry out monitoring of a condition of an organism of the patient, often capable to define time of input of drugs and to provide their input.

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plaster; development; functional properties; smart technologies

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