Melanoma Screening Using mHealth and Telemedicine: Towards an Organized Service Working in an Effective Way

M. Barreiros1, S. Nunes1, L. Rosado2, M. Barbosa2

  • 1 Life Beat Centro de Diagnostico Avançado, S.A., Lisboa
  • 2 Fraunhofer Portugal Research Center for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions (FhP-AICOS), Porto, Portugal

A system of combining mobile health care with telemedicine technologies to improve the screening of skin cancer has been proposed and put into practice. The expediency of the organization of teledermatological service is proved and confirmed. Training people to recognize skin tumors with suspicion of cancer and diagnosis using the teledermatological network increase the likelihood of timely provision of specialized medical care.

Conflict of interest. The author declare no conflict of interest

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melanoma screening, teledermatology, mobile healthcare, SMARTSKINS system

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