TeleDOT: application of telemedicine technologies for direct control of treatment of tuberculosis patients

C. Pye1, L. Westbrooke2

  • 1 Auckland Regional Public Health Service
  • 2 Auckland District Health Board, Auckland, New Zealand

The TeleDOT project demonstrated the potential for technology to improve treatment delivery to TB clients and achieve sustainable cost and other resource efficiencies for ARPHS. Nurses play a key role in driving the use of emerging technologies, which improve service delivery models, while achieving positive outcomes for clients and the public health workforce. The need to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of client care within the context of a challenging economic environment drives the adoption of new technologies. Telehealth has potential for use in other areas of healthcare and the TeleDOT programme has provoked interest from a variety of healthcare services across New Zealand. This type of technology can support service delivery for many other healthcare services.

Conflict of interest. The author declare no conflict of interest

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tuberculosis, telemedicine, treatment, DOT, TeleDOT

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