Social Media in Healthcare: The Power of Networking

R. Gоmez Bravo, C. Lygidakis, M. Gоmez Bravo, M. Sattle, R. Zoitanu,S. Rigon

Social Media has high penetration and impact in many countries including low income communities. Using it to promote, disseminate and discuss medical knowledge, initiatives, projects, research, news and other activities between peers has become one of the most powerful way of communication nowadays, more useful than the traditional methods. The aim of this communication is to offer an overview of the use and impact of Social Media in the network of European Young General Practitioners from 2 different perspectives: the use of the social media networks by the Young GPs and the impact / reach / awareness of the activity develop from the official social profiles running by the European Young General Practitioners. Analyzing the use of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube) in Young General Practitioners network in Europe and the correlation with their activities will provide the clues of the effectiveness and success reaching the official channels in terms of community, engagement, education, innovation, impact and revolution that have been extended and copy as strategic model to improve the communication among peers in equivalents networks around the world.

Conflict of interest. The author declare no conflict of interest

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social media, strategy, communities, general practitioners

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