Approach for a multidisciplinary integration in medical university via elearning platform

E.F. Barinov

Aim: to evaluate possibility of a multidisciplinary integration during course of histology, cytology and embryology at a background of distant learning tools. Distant learning had been realized via LMS MOODLE open-source software. The content had been developed as a system for fundamental medical knowledge and professional competences formation. It is include linked target, methodical, educational, advising and controlling blocks. This theoretical disciplines content has great demand from 4-6 years students. The distant learning allows to give access for a content and support needs of a young specialists. Thus, a multidisciplinary integration can be effectively realized at elearning platform MOODLE in case the system of standards (education quality, professional competences development) are exist.

Conflict of interest. The author declare no conflict of interest

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distant education, elearning, multidisciplinary approach, fundamental knowledge in medicine

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