Number №4, 2020 - page 8-14

Telemedicine technologies for organizing the work of mental health services to prevent disorders of the depressive spectrum during the COVID-19 pandemic DOI: 10.29188/2542-2413-2020-6-4-8-14

For citation: Savin S.Z., Kosykh N.E. Telemedicine technologies for organizing the work of psychiatric services for the prevention of depressive disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Telemedicine and E-Health 2020;6(4):8-14;
  • Savin S.Z. – PhD, Lead researcher of Department of medical Informatics, Pacific National University; Khabarovsk, Russia;
  • Kosykh N.E. – Dr. Sc., Professor, Head of Department of medical Informatics, Pacific National University; Khabarovsk, Russia;

Introduction. The problems of telepsychiatry are analyzed from the point of view of the method of information modeling of complex conflict systems.

Materials and methods. Methodological approaches to the use of information technologies for monitoring mental health and prevention of depressive spectrum disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic, including in the young generation of representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North and the Amur region, are considered.

Results. The proposed telepsychiatric method of providing medical and psychiatric services is most effective in preventing depression in remote areas of the Khabarovsk territory where distance is a critical factor, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discussion. Remote recording of cases of depression due to depression in patients with coronavirus, adequate teleconsultation and prevention of panic attacks and phobias will reduce the severity of the chronic course of depression and the risk of suicide.

Conclusions. An actual solution to psychiatric problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic is proposed for remote regions where, in addition to the existing problems of social and medical infrastructure, there is also a significantly increased risk of concomitant socially significant mental illness. It will be useful for specialists in early diagnosis and prevention of mental disorders, tele-medicine, mathematical modeling, system analysis in medical psychology, as well as for psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

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mental health; telemedicine; telepsychiatry; COVID-19 pandemic; depressive disorders (DR); adolescents; information modeling; Amur region

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