On-line assessment of a nutrition stereotype at urolithiasis

D.A. Voytko, N.A. Galiyev, O.I. Apolikhin, A.V. Sivkov

Study and evaluation of the stone formation pathogenesis is a key to the treatment of urolithiasis and to the reduction of its recurrence. The tendency to increase the incidence of urolithiasis can be explained by a change of people taste preferences and change of food quality. It is necessary to evaluate the stereotype of nutrition and to control the patient's diet during metaphylaxis of urolithiasis. Special questionnaire was developed to study relationships between dietary stereotype and urolithiasis - "The questionnaire for assessing the stereotype of nutrition" (QSN). The questionnaire includes most food, that are realized on the territory of the Russian Federation and are used by citizens of the Russian Federation. Questions about the patient's personal data are displayed on the first QSN page. There are questions about urolithiasis family history, prescription of disease, number of surgical interventions also in the social part of QSN. The main part of the QSN contains questions about usage of some product groups. All food products are divided into subgroups according to the trade classification. 21 subgroup of nutrients are distinguish in QSN. When patient fill a questionnaire, he notes frequency of use of each product and amount of consumed food. Conclusion issued on the basis of the results of the questionnaire allows to explain to the patient which products should he limit and which products to increase. Thus, QSN is an effective tool to evaluate a patient's diet and to correct metabolic lithogenic disorders.

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kidney stone disease, on-line questionary, internet, nutrition, prevention

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