Remote training courses in continuing medical education

V.M. Levanov A.Yu.Nikonov, E.Yu. Mamonova, O.V. Perevedentsev

A study into contents of the term “training”, along with history of development of this modality and analysis of its characteristics is presented, as applied to medical education for effective practical implementation. Training courses may be efficiently used in combination with existing modalities of medical education as a type of activity aimed at gaining knowledge, skills and know-how, adjustment and shaping of abilities and purposes necessary for successful professional practice. Using them is especially relevant in continuing medical education system during the transition towards accreditation system for medical personnel based on credits and examination units. Employing remote education technologies during training courses allows to address a wide audience of medical personnel in a relatively brief period of time, which is especially relevant when novel clinical and organizational methods are introduced or when knowledge and skills in adjacent scientific and practical fields are received. 

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elearning, training, continuous medical education, practical skills

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